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A place of the firstborn of God, where we are transformed into divine beings. This is where Christ is found in all manifestations. The command is simple, "make me disciples". As a ministry, we are dedicated sons of God who have been tasked just like the father of the house #ThePrimevalSaint Thabo Patrick7 to run ahead of the destroyers and make disciples out of the Lord's chosen. In doing so, we equip the kingdom of God with knowledge and wisdom through the Holy Ghost and thus fulfilling scripture and our purposes. It is not by might, nor by power, but by the Holy Spirit  that all the things the ministry does is accomplished. One does not hear about, nor hold on to another person's testimony of God, but everyone experiences God on their own, forming their own personal relationship with God; knowing Him for themselves. That is Rebbah! 


The vision that has set for this ministry is for it to have its own city that caters for the people of God in their masses. God is gathering His own unto Him and secluding them from the world and its traditions. A city where the will  of God and livelihood in godliness shall take place. A haven for those who seek refuge in the Lord and the physical manifestation of the glory of the invincible Christ.


The sons of God, counting everything of the world as nothing but dung and continually looking at that which is caught up. By doing that which the Father does, we transform into what He is, and that is our goal, to reach Christ's own perfect stature and remain caught up with Him.

Psalm 82:6 "I have said, ye are gods; because ye are children of the Most High".


Having just entered into our 7th year as a ministry, we bring to you the year of the Strength of God. In all this, we experience a move of God's hand this year as He is the one demonstrating His strength of Judgement through His council. This is also the time where God has declared Purgatory upon the house, saying that until the time of the trial, it shall be a Purgatory and none will be blamed on Him in what happens during this period.

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