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A place of the firstborn of God, where we are transformed into divine beings. This is where Christ is found in all manifestations.

Acts 2:36

Where we are converted into sons, through Jesus to God in the Holy Ghost


Live Sunday Service:

Word Fest

Every Sunday 09h00 till late @ Dr MG Mngoma Primary School Hall & live on Facebook on the ministry platforms Rebbah of Christ Ministry & Thabo Patrick


Thursdays of Teaching

Thursdays from 20h00 to 21h00 live on Facebook on the ministry page: Rebbah of Christ Ministry

"Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ."

Acts 2:36


Having just entered into our 7th year as a ministry, we bring to you the year of the Strength of God. In all this, we experience a move of God's hand this year as He is the one demonstrating His strength of Judgement through His council. This is also the time where God has declared Purgatory upon the house, saying that until the time of the trial, it shall be a Purgatory and none will be blamed on Him in what happens during this period.


For more information, and an appointment with #ThePrimevalSaint Thabo Patrick7, contact us on 076 604 8425/064 648 6779. Follow us on our media platforms too.


From the Saturdays of Sabbatical Worship to The White Table Show, there are loads of services held at our ministry. One thing that is constant is that, they are all filled with the Word of God.


In times like these, instruction from the Lord is very important. Remaining within the will of God is vital, as God has never been quiet to His sons, but He always speaks. Announcements and instructions on what the body ought to do are laid.


To partner with us, give your offerings through our ministry app, or simply deposit your honour, offering, pledge on the ministry's account.

For more info, click on the read more link on the matter.

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